Branding & Growth [Day 2]: Site Identity

Life of VM


Site Title

I entitled this site ‘Life of VM’ to be easily distinguished that the overall content of my blog is all about my life. But it doesn’t mean that it’s just plainly all about my life. Aside from that, this blog contains my ideas, my thoughts, my works, and much more.

I know that my site title is too common but that doesn’t signify that I’m just an ordinary person.


My header contains 8 elements: coffee, cookie crumbles, phone, emoji patches, keyboard, torn paper, calligraphy pen, art materials. The reason why my header contains those elements is because that’s what my desk looks like! (almost) My desk is pretty messy.

Those things in the header are the things that I love because it is where my creativity shows, appears, works, I don’t know the right term. Just like my blog, it is where I showcase my creativity.


Honestly, I’m a lazy reader and that is one of the reasons why I chose this theme. You can easily glance over, right?

I chose this because it is minimal yet beautifully designed magazine theme. It also offers seven widgets and supports up to three menus. It makes my posts neat and organized!

That’s all for day 2. Haha.


4 responses to “Branding & Growth [Day 2]: Site Identity

  1. I like your header and the reasoning behind it. I am a bit confused by your blog name, “Life of VM.” I thought maybe those were your inititials, but that doesn’t appear to the case. I think you have a great start!

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