Enchanted Kingdom: The Magic Lives Forever

Hello everyone. Sorry I can’t upload the pictures. Maybe next week? Hehe

Let me share you my magical experience in Enchanted Kingdom!

Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park here in the Philippines, located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. I’ve already visited this park thrice. First, when I was young, I did not enjoy it because I’m not able to ride all the rides because I was too young. Second, I did not enjoy it AGAIN because I’m not able to ride all the rides because I was too small. And third, now, The time has come! Charot.

I’ll give you also some tips and guides so that you will also enjoy there!

It’s better to buy your ticket online because it sucks to fall in line and wait for decades.

I suggest that you should bring some spare clothes because there are rides that will make you wet (literally) which is the water rides (obviously)

Biscuits? Chips? Umm sorry. They won’t allow you to bring some foods in there. They will take it before you enter and will put it in ‘Charity Box’. They took my Oreo :< Buuuut it’s not that bad. It isn’t bad to share some of your blessings right? But still… (LOL)

If you’re going to bring some rice and ulam, just leave it in your car because they won’t allow that also. I don’t know the reason why. But I think it’s a way to keep the theme park clean (or ‘business’ (you know what I mean (if you don’t know, know it)))

Water? Don’t worry. They will allow you to bring water. Water is expensive there (not that expensive). But ‘saving money’ is one of the ways to enjoy right? And I’m giving you some tips to ENJOY. So bring water if you want to.

For the outfit,

I just wore shirt, shorts, and Keds to make me comfortable riding those ‘Up and Down, Round and Round’ rides. It’s a theme park! and you are there to enjoy the rides and not to be a model who rampa all around wearing dress and high heels. I suggest that you should wear those clothes that are comfortable especially for us, girls, wear those clothes that will hide our ‘you-know’

Don’t forget to bring camera. Because visiting this park will leave you unforgettable experience and it would be better if you capture those moments.


My favorite rides are EKstreme. It’s very high and terrifying and when you reach the top- AAH! you’ll fall like how you fall for him/her and he/she doesn’t want to catch you. #Hugot

And also Riogrande Rapids! When we rode it, I took off my sneakers and the staff said that I should wear it. But sorry Miss ‘I love my shoes’ so I still took it off and put it inside my backpack. It’s not that dangerous if I don’t wear my shoes right? #RuleBreaker

I did not enjoy Disk-o-magic because it made me dizzy after riding it.

In the space shuttle, what I did was non-stop screaming. It’s funny because the person sitting beside me is shouting the name of someone and confessed her feelings to that ‘someone’

I also enjoyed the Jungle Log Jam, the water is kinda disgusting. It’s salty and sour. I can’t stop myself from screaming that’s why I tasted the water. Ew. BUUUUT. I really enjoyed it.

What I enjoyed the most is Air Race! 

I suggest that you should ride the blue one! It’s a secret. It’s for you to find out. It’s different from other planes. You’ll enjoy riding it swear.

I really enjoyed the rides because we don’t need to fall in line because we used VIP tags. I still remember the faces of the people waiting for their turn, looking at us, wondering why we fall in line the exit, instead of, entrance. Waiting will just waste your time and you won’t enjoy all the rides if you wait for hours. Good thing, we have ‘that’-tag.

I have more stories to tell you but my ‘kasipagan’ (industriousness) in typing is now expired. Next time again. I’m too lazy lol.


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    • Try searching in Google. I suggest that you can stay in Tagaytay. It is near in Laguna (near EK) and I think it’s a good place to stay and also, Tagaytay is one of the Philippines’s most popular tourist destinations because of its outstanding scenery and cooler climate provided by its high altitude.

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