“Sorry for my poor grammar”


Hey there! Nope. I’m not apologizing.


I reviewed my blog posts and observed some grammar mistakes and also some typographical errors. I also noticed that I’ve used incorrect terms.

So if you’re like me, read this post.

Listen, I mean, READ.


Why even type that? Why not just fix it? Your sorry won’t fix your mistakes.

This kind of mistake is not worth to apologize for. Who will forgive you?
Your readers?


No one.

It’s their fault that they have read your post. But you still have to adjust, not for them but for you.

Actually, this is an advice for me. I’m not comfortable with my own mistakes so if you’re like me, you don’t have to say sorry for yourself.

Just write, examine, fix your own mistakes.


(Of course, this is not just about grammar mistakes, it’s all about mistakes that you’ve done in your life. )


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