How to Achieve #FeedGoals in Instagram

I have discovered the tips and tricks of Instagrammers with good feed and I’m here to share it with you.

I’ll be teaching you how to achieve #FeedGoals in Instagram (even though my feed is not that good)

  1. Take a good picture
    You need to take a good picture to have a good feed.If you’re taking a selfie, take note of your background, see if there are unnecessary things.If it’s a landscape, take note of the unnecessary things either like any garbages or anything.

    You don’t have to buy a DSLR or any expensive high-quality cameras out there. Your phone plus creativityย is enough to have a good feed.

  2. Background
    Look for a good background like leaves, bricks, grass. It depends on your feed. Make sure the background matches with other pictures.
  3. Filter
    VSCO is a great app for filters. Search for filters, try it, then if you’re satisfied with that, copy it and paste it on other pictures.Same filters make the feed a lot better.
  4. Caption
    Your picture and caption should be connected. No need to explain.
    It. Should. Be. Connected. To. Each. Other. Okay?
  5. ย Just upload your OWN picture
    Like seriously, uploading pictures from the internet that aren’t yours just to have good is totally not a #FeedGoals.
  6. Be creative.
    Your pictures tell a lot of stories. So just show how creative you are.
    Picsart is a good app for editing photos. There also tutorials there. Try it.


    I don’t do this. But yeah, it makes the feed better. If you’re having a new feed, upload 3 white images. Or you can just search in google: Instagram Divider.

    So now show the world how creative you are. Use hashtags to be noticed.
    Note: It is better to put it on the comment.

That’s all. Follow me on Instagram:


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