How to Achieve #FeedGoals in Instagram

I have discovered the tips and tricks of Instagrammers with good feed and I’m here to share it with you.

I’ll be teaching you how to achieve #FeedGoals in Instagram (even though my feed is not that good)

  1. Take a good picture
    You need to take a good picture to have a good feed.If you’re taking a selfie, take note of your background, see if there are unnecessary things.If it’s a landscape, take note of the unnecessary things either like any garbages or anything.

    You don’t have to buy a DSLR or any expensive high-quality cameras out there. Your phone plus creativity is enough to have a good feed.

  2. Background
    Look for a good background like leaves, bricks, grass. It depends on your feed. Make sure the background matches with other pictures.
  3. Filter
    VSCO is a great app for filters. Search for filters, try it, then if you’re satisfied with that, copy it and paste it on other pictures.Same filters make the feed a lot better.
  4. Caption
    Your picture and caption should be connected. No need to explain.
    It. Should. Be. Connected. To. Each. Other. Okay?
  5.  Just upload your OWN picture
    Like seriously, uploading pictures from the internet that aren’t yours just to have good is totally not a #FeedGoals.
  6. Be creative.
    Your pictures tell a lot of stories. So just show how creative you are.
    Picsart is a good app for editing photos. There also tutorials there. Try it.


    I don’t do this. But yeah, it makes the feed better. If you’re having a new feed, upload 3 white images. Or you can just search in google: Instagram Divider.

    So now show the world how creative you are. Use hashtags to be noticed.
    Note: It is better to put it on the comment.

That’s all. Follow me on Instagram:


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