How to Start a Blog?


I’m just sharing you some tips and tricks on how I started this blog

1. Choose a blog name, a name that will match on what will you posts. A name that will match your characteristics or your hobby. Make it simple.

2. Use a free site to create your blog like WordPress.

3. Make a logo, it should match your blog name.

4. Clarify your content, About what? Tips? DIY? Clarify.

5. Use photos that are appropriate on your post.

6. Find your writing tone, I didn’t find my writing tone yet. I’m quite moody.

7. Tag your posts, use some tags so that it can easily be seen by anyone.

8. Communicate with other bloggers, Comment on their posts and reply to their comments.

9. Write plenty of stories before you create your blog, so that your readers has something to read on your blog after you publish it.

10. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. Just DON’T



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