Ugh! Pimples

Okay, guys. Let’s talk about pimples.

Ugh! Pimples.

I’m sitting in the toilet right now while typing this. I put a honey on my face, waiting for 20 minutes before I wash it off.

I’m actually taking a 30-day acne challenge. And today is my 6th day.

I’ve changed my everyday routine and it looks like it’s working.

Well, I’m not telling you what I did, not until my pimples are totally gone. Because lol, I’ll make sure that this routine will totally work.

I’m just gonna share with you a story about ‘my polka-dotted face’!

I don’t know when it started and I don’t know how to finish it.

I’m jealous of people who don’t get pimples no matter how stressed they are.

They say that it’s just puberty, but why are my other friends’ faces who are just like my age don’t have any pimples.

Oh… My hygiene? I always take a shower.

Maybe… it’s in my genes. Yes. It is in my genes. It is in our family and I hate it.


If you’re struggling from pimples. Don’t worry, I’m here. Let’s struggle together.



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